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Marc Feinberg  has been a Lifestyle Entrepreneur for over 30 years and a Certified Biblical Counselor for over 20 years. He is also a High Performance Coach & Personal Advisor to some of the Highest Achieving Athletes and Entrepreneurs all across the world. 

Coach Marc is an Author, Keynote Speaker, Mastermind Facilitator, Performance Expert, Sales Trainer and Thought Leader. He wakes up every day on a mission to build bridges, stand in the gap, and to move clients and audiences into their highest purpose & possibility.

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Marc is a Personal Advisor to the 4X Heavyweight Champion 
Evander Holyfield, the 2X Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs, 
the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Tillman, Golf Legend Robert Karlsson currently playing in his 33RD year on Tour, and many others.

Coach Marc believes that taking full responsibility of how we direct and control our thoughts is the #1 Key to all human achievement. 

Our faith, seeking God's Wisdom, and the power of the Mastermind Alliance helps us to create outcomes and results beyond our wildest dreams, 
and faster than we have ever imagined.


YOU are the New Prophet in the world today. YOUR life experience & YOUR life lessons are the necessary wisdom to help others live a victorious, 
Spirit-Filled, Purpose Driven life. 

Master YOUR thoughts by believing the truth, & YOU are guaranteed to create YOUR best life NOW. 

Collaborating with Nick Vujicic 
Founder Life without Limbs

On Tour with Golf Legend Robert Karlsson 

Coaching Evander Holyfield Beyond Boxing

Marc Feinberg has raised money to rebuild the Columbia Grace Orphanage in Cartagena Columbia, responding to the call of God to care for widows and orphans.

Coach Marc is also focused on the Great Commission to go into the world and make disciples. Marc has built dozens of churches all across the world through The Timithoy Initiative. He also provides ongoing support to TTI Global Missions Pastor Matt Tumas in his calling to equip Pastors to make disciples in Guatamala, Mexico, and abroad.

Marc also sits on the board of directors at Always Progress, a non-profit organization helping underprivileged children founded by his friend & business partner Anthony Passero.

Marc has discovered the key to experiencing the highest levels of fulfillment and significance come from serving and contributing to the lives of those less fortunate than himself.
4X Heavyweight Champion
Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medalist
2X Heavyweight Champion
Many of us want to create love and connection, optimum health, substantial wealth, inner peace, purpose, passion, experience far greater fulfillment with our family and friends, and make a significant contribution to humanity.

Inside “The Wisdom Journal” you will discover wisdom for everyday life, the wisdom necessary to make right choices, God’s timeless wisdom that lasts forever. The Wisdom Journal is a powerful timeless tool to obtain wisdom for your life as you journey each day through the book of Proverbs using The W.I.S.E. Method. The Wisdom Journal is a simple system and an effective way to create outstanding outcomes in the areas of faith, family, friendship, fitness, finance, career, contribution, purpose, destiny and legacy. The Wisdom Journal is a method of accountability for personal and professional productivity. We recommend that your spouse, partner, friend, or even a family member join you on your journey to discover wisdom for their own life. You can hold each other accountable and form a mastermind alliance to create your best life now!

Congratulations! By making a decision to pursue God’s wisdom you’ve made a commitment to honor yourself, to bless and obey God, and to share your gift with others. The wisdom found in the book of Proverbs is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path, giving you a clear concise roadmap to living in victory each and every day. Sign up for The Wisdom Journal to be delivered each month to your home or office and be on the lookout for our weekly “Wisdom for Life” virtual Mastermind Groups. Stay Wise My Friends!
The Wisdom Journal For Small Groups
31 Proverbs ~ 31 Days ~ Wisdom For Life
The Wisdom Journal Small Group Study can be used as a 4-week, 8-week, or even 52-week journey through the book of Proverbs. The Wisdom Journal Small Group Study is extremely different than a traditional small group in that I AM NOT YOUR BIBLE GURU.

Both the journal and small group are designed in such a way that your group members will be "creating the dynamic of your small group."
Each week members will share how God showed up in their life as they journey and journal their way through the book of Proverbs.

The Wisdom Journal is a powerful timeless tool to obtain wisdom for your life as you journey each day through the Proverbs using “The W.I.S.E. Method”. The Wisdom Journal is a simple system for you to discover God’s wisdom, encouraging you to make wiser choices for your everyday life.The Wisdom Journal is an effective way to execute and create outstanding outcomes in the areas of faith, family, friendship, fitness, finance, career, contribution, purpose, destiny and legacy.The Wisdom Journal is a method of accountability to increase personal and professional productivity. The Wisdom Journal includes all 31 Proverbs from the New American Standard Bible.

The Secret Money Pill
Prescriptions For Designing A Debt Free Company
Is anything in life really a secret? King Solomon once wrote “there is nothing new under the sun”.Thinking thoughts that are right and true and living consistently day in and day out is the key to both personal and professional success. The Secret Money Pill was written to assist you in discovering the limiting beliefs that may be blocking your overall success. Without personal breakthrough, professional greatness and financial freedom may never be realized at any greater level than you currently achieve in your business life today. 

Discover how you can create a brand new corporate identity that will inspire and influence the consistent growth necessary to achieve success & significance. Learn how to resolve corporate and personal debt, immediately increase cash flow, and regain your full power by taking personal responsibility that will inevitably result in designing a successful & sustainable future.

The A-Myth
3 Simple Steps To Break-Free From Active Addiction
And Never Return To Rehab Again
Did you know that you have the power to change anything you want in one split second? Think about it. How long does it take to quit using drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, pornography and overeating? Exactly One-Second! AND, by all means, if you make a decision right now to stop or change something in your life, isn’t it safe to say that the change has occurred & you have created brand new standard? This year alone more people will overcome their addictive behavior, be set free, and experience life transformation more then ever before. Will you be one of them? In 3 simple steps discover how you can break-free, live-free, and be-free forever!

You see life happens to all of us, and what happens to you is not as important as what happens in you that truly matters most. For some of us, we were raised by only one parent. For others, although we had two parents in our home, one of them was verbally or even physically abusive. For others, your childhood was incredible, your parents were loving, but you were violated, betrayed, sexually abused by a relative or neighbor. How about the pain of your first love cheating on you, breaking up and leaving you? Or even your spouse doing that very same thing and destroying your family and your future. And yet for even some you, it was merely the dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast or Professional football player that was never realized and you ended up settling for a job, working for wage, and have been miserable, angry, or resentful ever since. Yes, there is a lot of pain in life my friend. How about the pain of losing a loved one, a child, a parent, sibling or even a spouse, a lifelong friend gone forever? How do you overcome that trauma? What do you do with all of the emotions and feelings that quite frankly suck the very life out of your every waking moment? Is it possible to move on, take responsibility, and live life again with purpose, passion and Full Power? The answers to some and perhaps all of these questions can be found in this very book that you hold in your hands today. But the real value contained in Full Power is how I overcame the Unforgiveness, bitterness, and ALL of the resentments that I carried throughout my entire life and how I was finally set free, liberated, and learned to permit myself to be alive again and live my life with Full Power. What kind of success would you experience in your relationships if you were able to take every experience from your past and parlay the valuable lessons into building blocks and a springboard into your greatest future success both personally and professionally? Let's go on this journey together. It is my honor and privilege to guide you into YOUR Freedom once and for all.
108 Proven Split Tests Winners
Simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website, So You Can Make More Money Now!
Wouldn't it be nice to know if your page or funnel was going to convert, without spending the money to push traffic through initial tests? The good news is that Internet Marketer Russell Brunson loves split testing and has already done 108 split tests that they are sharing with you in his popular book, 108 Proven Split Test Winners.
Funnelhacker Cookbook
Profitable Sales Funnel Recipes You Can Use in Your Business
The resource guide for beginner and advanced funnel builders who want to understand the elements and building blocks of a funnel, and how to pick the right funnel for the product or service you're selling. Easy-to-understand diagrams and explanations to help get your funnel up in hours instead of weeks.
How would you like to use your life experience and your life lessons to become a Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker, or Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

Learn how to share YOUR STORY for GOD'S GLORY and create more personal fulfillment & significance than ever before. 

Take YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS or CAREER to the next level immediately

Pastor Kevin Jackson
Best Selling Author
Natalia Maldonado
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Debra Kagan
Womens Mojo Specialist
Ted McGrath
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Angelika Christie
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Lisa Villanueva
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Dr Rachel Yan
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Josh Murray
Hollywood Actor
Coach Marc is available to facilitate a powerful day or weekend for your team in a Mastermind Collaboration executing new ideas and raising new standards of Corporate Culture . 

Witness your entire organization become Mission-Minded and go on an adventure to create more success in 12 weeks than in the previous 12 months.
2 Comma Club X Coaching
For Entrepreneurs Scaling To $1,000,000
Whether you've made $1 or $10,000 online, the 2 Comma Club Coaching program is the fast track and shortcut to your first million dollars. Work with Russell's closest team of funnel builder and traffic coaches to build your 7-figure message, offer, and funnel. This program includes group support, live masterminds, and the best training programs Russell offers.
Inner Circle for Life
For Entrepreneurs Scaling Beyond $10,000,000 +
The closest thing to free money you'll ever see. Russell's most elite group friends and clients - his inner circle - are 8-figure entrepreneurs growing to reach the 9-figure mark. Direct 1:1 access to Russell himself, plus in-person mastermind events twice a year. This is by application plus referral only.
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Hire Coach Marc for Personal Coaching & Keynote Speaking 
If you're interested in consulting or speaking with Marc Feinberg, his fees for events are below:
  • ​Lunch - (to solve immediate challenges) Starts at $500 per hour
  • ​Speaking Engagements - $1,000-$15,000 plus travel and accommodations
  • ​1 on 1 Accountability Coaching 30 Days $5,000
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Who is Marc Feinberg ?

After 22 years in the wholesale fruit business, Marc sold The Fruit of The Spirit Co & retired at 42. During the debt crisis of 2008, he launched Crown Financial Solutions and helped thousands of families out of debt, fight foreclosure, reposition their businesses, and rediscover their purpose in life. 

Today he is a Performance Expert and Personal Advisor to some of the highest achieving Athletes and Entrepreneurs all across the world.

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